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Details for Lilac Pavilion 2

CapacityItem Time RangeLess Than or Equal To 48.00 Hours Before the item begin date/time.More Than 60 days before the item begin date.At least 1 current membership per household from this pass code list: SUSPENDED (Recognized Organizations), valid on item begin date.Item begins between 08/31/19 - 09/14/19.
Parks Closed for Rest of Day
Type of Facility Closed

Lilac Park4175 Lilac StreetPalm Beach Gardens, FL, 33410Facility: Lilac Pavilion 2

$128.00 + $8.96 Tax = $136.96

Lilac Park Pavilion 2 - closer to dog park

Please contact the Burns Road Recreation Center 630-1100 if you encounter any difficulties on the day of your event.