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Jr Lifeguard Camp Wk 8

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Jr Lifeguard Camp Wk 8

Meeting Details

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Days: Mon, Wed, Fri
Burns Road Community Center
4404 Burns Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33410


Ages 11-14 years

Jr Lifeguard Camp Wk 8

Do you want to be a lifeguard? Join us for Junior Lifeguard camp this summer! We’ll be teaching all the skills and knowledge your future lifeguard needs to be successful in this critical safety role. Throughout the week jr. lifeguards will work hard towards building their endurance in the water and learning life-saving techniques from performing rescues to moving victims and hitting on CPR/First Aid topics. They will also learn what it means to be a lifeguard off the stand, by learning crucial customer service skills and participating in team-building activities. At the end of the week, you can expect your camper to be familiar with all the basic rescue equipment used in a water emergency and have knowledge of a safe aquatic environment. They will also have an opportunity to shadow a lifeguard on duty! While the topics stay the same, the activities will be changing every week, so make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!
Topics Include:

• Team Building
• Swimming Skills
• Surveillance
• Emergency Action Plans
• Entries and Approaches
• Rescues
• Extrications
• CPR/Giving Ventilations
• First Aid
• Spinals
• Customer Service
• Facility Safety
• Extrications
• Spinal Injuries
• Shadowing of Certified Lifeguard


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(Standard Fee): $70.00 + $0.00 Tax = $70.00
Charge When Not Billed:
(Standard Fee): $70.00 + $0.00 Tax = $70.00
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