Adult Intermediate Tennis - Fall - 332103

Intermed Tennis Tue 7pm

$278.00 - $348.00

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Intermed Tennis Tue 7pm

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Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Days: Tue
Palm Beach Gardens Tennis & Pickleball Center
5110 117th Court North
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418


Tue 11/21/23


Age between 18 through 99

Intermed Tennis Tue 7pm

If you’ve got the basics down but are looking to take those skills to the next level, this is the class for you. Basics are reviewed briefly in each class. In addition, our instructors will work with you to add elements like speed, power, and accuracy to your game. Additional shots are taught, lob, volley, overhead. Instructors will also discuss gameplay strategies like court positioning, shot location, basic tactics, and live ball point play are incorporated.


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